Experience the abundance and prosperous power of the rak yom legend in the form of a digital format. Occult Series.

The Legend:

One upon a time in Himmapan forest where Phra Lersi practice Buddhist teaching. On one day Pahalapiti Lersi depart from his hermitage for food. He walk pass a Lotus pond then intend to scoop water into his water bottle for drink at his hermitage. Suddently he glanced a pair of babies in a red Indian water lily. Thereupon he bring the pair of babies to look after them at his hermitage. Pahalapiti Lersi named for them when they grown up that one is Ratta Guman and other one name is Yamaga Guman.
At the same time Pahalapiti Lersi teached the incantations to his children.
    For the story of Ratta Guman told that he is a child who has handsome face opposite with Yamaga Guman who is not handsome but very expert in several kind of magic subjects thereby they�re impartially. On one time when they grown up to be an adult. They asked Phra Pahalapiti Lersi who as their parents to go out from the forest to city for work. Phra Lersi was feel very sad.
    Phra Lersi told to his children before they gone that even they�re be a solders of King in any town.They should not be proud yourself and do not kill any human or animal. Please persist in provident and don�t hurt anyone who is lower. Ratta Guman and Yamaga Guman accepted that and depart from Phra Lersi�s hermitage.
    After both of them departed for not long time. They was be a solder of King in one town with honest and brave result in they got a position of the great solder of that town.
    Yamaga Guman got a position as an adviser of government and Rattana who has handsome face which the attractive to Princess of this town falling in love with him.
Badfortune the news of Rattana Guman loving with the Princess was a bad news of King. The King was very anygry because Princess was be a fiancé of another City prince who is same level of his Princess. Thus, Princess was separated from her palace. Ratta Guman known this news so he was very angry and plan to kill the King.
    This news also went to Yamaga Guman, he stoped this bad plan and emphasize about Phra Lersi�s speech. But finally Ratta Guman still need to kill the King and forgot Phra Lersi�s speech then he went to kill the King. After that Ratta Guman felt sad so he went to tell whole story to Phra Lersi. Ratta Guman asked for ordain because of felt bad to himself and intend to practice until end of his life. Before he die, Phra Lersi asked for his desire, Ratta Guman said even born in any life please have a charm however Phra Lersi said you will not born to be a human suddently because of your pass action. After he died, he was born to be one kind of plant which has a quality for charm (Ton Ruk).
    For Yamaga Guman after he done his duty in aged. He ordain to be monk same and also born to be a plant which stand beside Ton Ruk, people called Yamaga tree and change to "Mayom" in the present time.
    From this story, AJ bring this 2 kinds of tree to curve a Ruk-Yom if whom take care of them well, they will return power to you in everything you need.!!!

Created in the presence of a REAL Rak Yom Talisman.


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