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Updated the site tonight. No password needed for abysssarian’s section. Just log in just as you would or come into the site as you normally would and find the TheAbysssarians listed at the top of the page and select to enter the cloud for the members section. Sorry for the trouble earlier before with our members section being unavailable. Also, instead of filling out a form when you come in. You just sign up for a newsletter. Much more easier now everything smooth. If any of you are having trouble with the abysssarian section let us know and we will help.

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So much added to store, how come?!

Many of the new items placed on our store today have been held on our hardrives and had to be moved over from the previous site. Plus new content that have been worked on and complete. For all our patreons out there where it’s usually released first. And now on our store. We are happy to get these on board for customers. Take the time to check them out and purchase the ones you like. More will be coming soon. We look forward to it!

Abysssarian Productions


Order 332

With Halloween right around the corner, and the veils of reality coming to thinning. We would like to proceed in the distribution of our entities which will be on sale for all to gather. They are live and ready to thrive into the world. From the depths and the pits of the unknown to the light of the modern world. We welcome you to purchase and house our spirits for your use and keeping. Each spirit will come with necessary files in order to acquire them and they become your familiar in time. Instructions and tips for beginners included in the manuals. And Lore to become more involved with the spirits and how to treat them accordingly. Very informative and you will learn a lot using these files. Learning all about conjuration and basic spirit feeding and ritual. A bonus, plus you will gain the experience. Here and the after worlds.

So join us today and take our offer on the best and reasonable digital occultism ready at the tips of your fingertips to become involved in. A journey worth the time and effort. We welcome you today. All spirits will be available for purchase within the store starting today. Listing from the top. See you all there! PAgua SonFA