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Another Sissy Hypno Video, Sissy Domination Sex Manipulation

Witness the next hypnotic sissy domination sex spell placed on you the viewer to be a nice and worthy sex partner. Also, use to attract a top. Being that you are a bottom. Be the best sissy bottom you can possibly be with this outstanding brainwave file.

Lucifer Subliminal The Chosen God Frequency Video

Ever wanted to be like lucifer or become a true god in control of your own world. This is the audio you'll need. It's the best to awaken the daath center in your chakras. To bring about that lucifer inside from your spine. Reaching beyond those 33 degrees of the spine and into your crown chakra becoming the master of the material and spiritual worlds. Since you fell to earth you must awaken and gain your wings to ascend again. Become greater than you ever imagined. Side effects are: More aggression, control freak, arrogance, anger, focus, out of tune with reality, schizophrenia. And paranoia. So take heed and use this wisely. We recommend adding a selenite crystal to your mobile device or computer, television when using this for best results! USE AS CURIO ONLY!!! 2-3 times daily. No spell or mantra needed. Just pray and focus on what you desire. Material gain Flow!!! repeat that if you can't think of anything else with your audio file.

Master Court Jester Ritual

All information pertaining to completing the soul deal leads to this ritual. Use this to master the courts in your favor in keeping your soul and having a successful outcome.

Abysssarian's Satan's Audio File

Invoke and summon the powers of satan. Get that satanic spirit into your circle. Make use of the morning star. Gain control of generals and legions of hell. Arch demons and demonesses. As well as summon higher grade succubus and incubus spirits. Take control of your earthly life. Live like a king upon earth. Gain earthly riches. And also, earthly pleasures. Get your seduction game up and seduce like the devil himself!

Abysssarian's Official Succubus Summoning Technique Cheat Guide (MASTERCLASS SERIES)

This digital booklet will have for you answers on various ritualistic methods on the quickest ways to summon and manifest your succubus. Use it to do your bidding. Techniques can be applied to other spirits as well including incubus. But that will be for a later book. This is chapter one on a mini series. Apart of the masterclass series. We want you the members here to have such success in all your magickal spirit summonings. This is a great start for any level practitioner. Take your time and read it repeatedly. However many times as needed for best results.

Incubus Masculine Facial Changes

Use this brainwave to gain a more masculine incubus look starting with facial features then with entire body. The ultimate transformation to morph your being into a incubus being. Also, transforms your spirit looks as well. When you dream you'll have a complete incubus vessel. Becoming the incubus you always wanted to be. Use everyday for 3 hours then take a day break on the Monday of every other week. No chants or spells needed. But feel free to use candles.

Abysssarian's Time Manipulation Frequency!

Fast forward or slow down time. This multi-faceted time manipulator use your brainwaves to slow or move ahead in time. Similar to that of drugs and being "High" or "in the zone." Take advantage of this digital manipulator of the mind. In a state of focus and higher magickal awareness. Even using your third eye to move through time astrally. Time travel can be tapped into but not certain. It will be up to the user to enable this. Use time as a weapon by taking advantage of it's flow. As if you were holding it. Side effects: Age retention, Age extention. Alternate timelines. See others around you before they see you. Or you see them before you make it there. Nausea can also be triggered when in use of this video. So you all use it at your own risk.

Altered Perception Brainwave Subliminal

Ever heard of altered states of consciousness??? Experience what it's like to have one or more. See how it feels to have one. Will cause permanent changes in your psyche. Subconscious and consciously. After a year or so with this program, or months. Others will see and feel you differently unlike ever before. A speeding up the process if you will. Best results if used twice to three times daily. Or for 3 to 5 hours daily. Chanting to your other self and stating that you are ready for your transformation to commence. State your new name and purpose upon entering into the state of new perception. SIDE EFFECTS ARE: dizziness, thirst, forgetfulness, feeling new, your perception on reality changes, loss of identity. CHANGES!